Alessandro Scalabrini: the moments that go by into infinity.”I would like to share this vertigo, this thought, get it in the wave of this infinity.”

By Jessica Martino

I would like to share this vertigo, this thought, get it in the wave of this infinity.”

– Alessandro Scalabrini

Alessandro Scalabrini (Modena,1979) is an Italian contemporary artist.

Before talking about his works, the result of meticulous artistic research, it is important to start from the fulcrum.

All his art is based on an existential, human, philosophical, scientific question.

A question that is not followed by a clear answer, but an unknown that affects his sensitivity to the point of making him dizzy.

His is a deep ancestral, primordial reflection, which can be traced back to genesis in one word.

Where did it all come from?”

A question that is linked, in symbiosis, to the concepts of “beginning”, “end”, and “always”.

And what if, absurdly, nothing ever had a beginning and therefore never an end? What if everything exists from an “always” that has no beginning, and is an infinite line that goes in all directions?

Now is it possible to explain his artistic production, the reason for his technical and stylistic choices. Since the premises are not only necessary for a greater understanding of his art but also necessary to fully understand the charm and character of the thought that provokes it.

The base on which he realizes his works is a disk: a geometric shape that has no beginning or end, which can be walked on, in circles, to infinity.

An essential choice, for an art that follows a precise concept, from the thought to its complete realization.

Above his disc, through mixed technique, Alessandro works with newspaper clippings, titles, photographs, giving life to his collages: contrasting words and images that generate a conflict of ideas. His are sarcastic, deep, provocative messages.

His idea is to look at the world outside of us as from a spyglass or a telescope: and it is so. We can see only a small part, a moment that passes for a while in front of our limited view, then moves. Where it goes, what it will do, we will not know. We cannot see further. All that remains is the moment of its passage.

Alessandro keeps that moment in his “disk”.

The earth: a round sphere, without a beginning or an end, inhabited by billions of human beings, crossed by a continuous succession of events, yet we are only allowed to know what passes in front of our telescope: an infinitesimal, ridiculous part.

When an event passes in front of the hole of his telescope, Alessandro keeps it in his disc. A moment into infinity.


Smartphones against poverty

As in almost all of his works, this collage opens up a controversy: smartphones against poverty, while in Congo, (which produces more than fifty percent of the cobalt in the world) men, women, but above all children are used and exploited to extract cobalt from mines in an “artisanal” way, a very dangerous, exhausting and underpaid job. Cobalt, among all other things, is necessary for the construction of the lithium-ion batteries found in technological devices. Let’s look at the smartphone or computer we are using right now for a moment. There is a lot of life behind it, right? Stories of humanity and inhumanity. How many times have you ever thought about it?

Those infinite lines that enter the space of the canvas (made with the ballpoint pen) represent the passage of that moment in front of his telescope. Lines that enter, pass over the title, the image and then stop.

We only know that. Of that child’s life, where he is now, what he does, who he is, we will never know.

With him until the end, if we pay

Religions ask to be financially supported, each of them speaks according to the voice of God. Is there really only one? If the answer is yes, who is it? We don’t want an answer, everyone can believe what they want. But why should we pay for spiritual peace?

Body Shaming

The impact that social judgment has on our mind can be devastating. We feel like we have to transform ourselves to be aesthetically acceptable. Sometimes, grotesquely distorting our image. For who?

Black lives matter

Another important social message. Does it still need to be said in 2020 that black lives matter? Have the centuries behind us really brought evolution and progress? Not in human terms, it seems.

I find that Alessandro Scalabrini‘s artistic research is imbued with charm, ideology and character. He is able to enhance the noble art of collage, in an excellent and completely personal way.

This is his vision of the world, or I would better say, of the “moments” that happen in the world. He is keen to let the observer know the philosophy that underlies each work, that “beginning”, that “end” and that “always”, the why of the circle, the why of the lines. The vertigo.

But he is not inclined to explain his works individually. He wants everyone to have a very personal visual experience.

A rich poor art, I say.

Provocative, powerful, deep.


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